I am having a baby! She’s due June 20, 2019. If you want to help out in any way, you’ll find information on this page.


There are a few registries set up at various stores with some things we still need… you are in no way obligated to give us anything, but if you are so inclined, things on these lists would be very useful to have. There is the option to contribute towards items as well so that you don’t have to purchase the whole thing. I know most of the things below aren’t fun/cute… but they are useful and things that will make life easier (and sometimes safer), which is why they are on there.

***We have been super lucky and have tons of clothes from babies who have outgrown them. I know baby clothes are adorable, but that’s one thing we are thoroughly set on :).***

Amazon (most things are on here): 


Contribute to Doula Services (either for the birth or postpartum care) :

a note on doulas: Pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period is difficult (and scary, particularly if you’ve never gone through it before). Doulas are trained in giving support to laboring women, and guiding them through the postpartum period. Using the services of a doula also has better outcomes, and associated with a reduced risk of having a c-section by 28%. Unfortunately, this service is not yet covered by insurance, but Homegrown Babies (who we are working with for their doula services) does accept donations towards a client, and your contribution would be appreciated! You can either contribute towards the birth part, or for postpartum services, which would provide a helping hand in the time after the baby gets here.


Food:  I have multiple food allergies, so I’m not setting up a meal train, but if you feel inspired to cook around my dietary needs (or if you want to pick something up from a place I can eat at), please get in touch with me to coordinate that!  Email me at or text me at 828-989-4312.

Help around the property/house: It’s going to be really hard for me to stay on top of summer property maintenance (like mowing and weeding) with a newborn- if you want to help with these things, or any other house/property projects, I’d be grateful!